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Building Wealth through Investment in the Dubai Real Estate Market

The “city of gold – Dubai” has grown tremendously over the last few decades, not only as a world-renowned tourist destination, but also as a gold mine for entrepreneurs and investors. The tourist destination and property market in Dubai are both very appealing, owing to their striking beauty and remarkable infrastructure. Focusing on the Dubai real estate market, it deserves special attention for successfully overcoming the covid-19 pandemic and reporting a 100 percent increase in investment value over 2020. As a result, there is a high demand for properties for sale in Dubai, and property prices and rates are rapidly rising. This indicates that the Dubai real estate market is ready for investment. Here are some helpful features to consider when investing in the Dubai real estate market.

  • Excellent investment opportunities in the Dubai real estate market

You can consider villas, apartments, townhouses, and penthouses when looking to invest in the Dubai property market. You can also invest in commercial properties. Plots, off-plan properties, and readily available properties are all options. Off-plan properties, in particular, have piqued the interest of investors, with a 300 percent increase in January 2022. Villas are regarded as the best option for ready-to-move-in properties by buyers and investors, with sales volume and money transfers increasing by double digits. In addition, as the market stabilizes, there is an increase in demand for apartments. Because of the low prices of these properties, buyers and investors are more likely to seek low-cost chances with high returns.

  • Benefit from investing in property in Dubai

When you invest in the Dubai property market, you open up the possibility of living in a high-end lifestyle with access to all high-class amenities and facilities. Investor visas and other residency benefits are now available to investors. They can visit, live, and leave the country at any time as long as their visa is valid. In addition, the visa holder can open a new bank account in Dubai, sign up for packages, obtain a driver’s license, and a UAE ID, among other benefits. Aside from these, they can sponsor their family’s trip to Dubai.

  • Remember, investing in the Dubai property market is not rocket science!

Even though there are some challenges and a lot of factors to consider when choosing business and residential properties in Dubai, the entire process is considered simple. However, if you prefer to finance, the most difficult challenge you may face is having a good credit score because you must meet the eligibility criteria. Aside from that, extensive market knowledge is required before making an investment. In addition, you should learn more about the leasehold and freehold areas in Dubai.

  • Calculating anticipated growth in the investment

Despite the fact that the Dubai real estate market has slowed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, investors can still expect high returns. However, this is still dependent on the area and the type of property. Consider residences in downtown Dubai, which have a gross investment yield of 5.64 percent on average. Similarly, it is 6.14 percent for Dubai Marina apartments. If you prefer to invest in JBR apartments, you can earn 4.95 percent. Villas in Jumeirah Village Circle, on the other hand, can earn you around 6.73 percent.

  • Get chances via fractional property ownership

In Dubai, you can obtain Fractional Property Ownership Title Deeds. Because of this initiative, up to four people can co-own a property. It was launched specifically to broaden and expand its market. This initiative has aided many investors in entering the property market, thereby leading to the improvement of the emirate’s overall economy.

All in all, going to invest in Dubai real estate will provide you with numerous advantages that will help you grow your finances. However, you will only be able to do so if you have extensive knowledge and excellent decision-making skills prior to investing. As there is no tax on real estate in Dubai, this can be a very profitable venture for you because your money will go directly into your pocket.

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