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District 2020 – The Future of the City, Dubai

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The flagship event ‘Expo 2020,’ shortly to be renamed ‘District 2020,’ concluded on March 31, 2022. Despite the odds, the worldwide exhibition was a success, with over 17 million visitors attending. They continue to grow by the day. The worldwide fair’s successful operation attests to Dubai’s pandemic management.

What will happen to the Expo site once the event is over? This is a frequent question that many people have because Dubai has spent a significant amount of money on putting on the exhibition that has captivated everyone owing to its exceptional architecture and infrastructure. For those who are unfamiliar, Expo 2020 will be transformed into District 2020, a mixed-use, human-centric town.

  • District 2020: Building on the Legacy of Expo 2020

District 2020 has been termed a futuristic city within Dubai that will welcome visitors, renters, and businesspeople in October 2022. It is intended to provide a balanced way of life that meets the demands of the urban population. The community will support the future of living and working while prioritizing overall well-being, thanks to digital innovation.

  • An Effort to Create a ‘Sustainable’ Community

District 2020 has chosen a more sustainable approach, setting an unusual example by re-purposing 80% of the Expo 2020 environment. This is a novel method in the history of global fairs, which began in London in 1851. While past world fairs were largely well regarded across the world, there were some who disagreed. According to Belgian politician Patrick De Groote, “global fairs demand spending.” He believed that a significant amount of money was needed to set up these shows while resources remained static. This problem, however, will be resolved because District 2020 will employ the majority of Expo 2020’s infrastructure, paving the road for sustainability in Dubai.

  • More Information about District 2020

Apart from the wealth and sustainability it is intended to bring to Dubai, District 2020 has a number of other noteworthy features. That being stated, let us learn more about this future mega community in Dubai:

  • Smart residences

The $8 billion project, which will cover an area of 4.38 square kilometers, will include smart dwellings in a variety of categories, including:

– Apartments for shared living
– Apartments in lofts
– Apartments in the city

Because they ooze class and elegance and provide an upmarket lifestyle, these properties are suitable for anybody looking to buy property in Dubai. These flats, which include big rooms, are created with flexibility and comfort in mind.

  • Community Activities

District 2020 residents will be able to participate in a range of community events. It will house renowned attractions and fantastic hotels such as the Dubai Exhibition Centre, Al Wasl Plaza, Terra, and a world-class children’s science center. Suffice it to say, if you get a place in District 2020, you’ll never be bored. Attracting Entrepreneurs District 2020 is intended to establish a corporate ecosystem focused on innovation. It will bring together global brains, foster cooperation, and boost industrial progress by utilizing cutting-edge technology. As this neighborhood is likely to drive the Dubai property market after Expo 2020, the environment will allow companies to thrive.

  • Sustainable Urban Living

The area is intended to reduce pollution and promote environmentally aware urban life. It will be a completely walkable, pedestrian-friendly town with a low-vehicle environment. Smart shuttle services and smart automated public transportation facilities will be available, resulting in lower carbon footprints and a more healthy and successful environment.

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