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Tenant Rights in Dubai – Everything You Need To Know

Dubai’s appeal among foreigners knows no bounds, thanks to its high-rise towers and ultra-luxurious houses. Every year, a large number of individuals relocate to the emirate in search of work and business prospects. And the majority of them prefer rental accommodations since they are less expensive. The most difficult challenge for many people is finding a house for rent in Dubai that meets their needs while remaining within their budget. However, there is something more you should consider before finalizing a rental home, especially if you are new to the Emirate. We’re discussing tenant rights in Dubai. Those who are unaware of their rights are vulnerable to being exploited by their landlords. So, if you do not want to be in a situation where you are being taken advantage of, you should educate yourself on tenant rights in Dubai. We have discussed several key rights that every renter is entitled to in this post. Continue reading for more information:

  • The Right to Rent a Habitable Property

One of the main tenant rights in Dubai is the ability to demand livable housing. It is the landlord’s obligation to assure this. This implies that they must make specific adjustments to the property in order for it to be habitable.

  • Right to getting the maintenance work done.

In most circumstances, the landlord is in charge of maintenance work in rental buildings. As a result, as a renter, you can request any repairs or overhauling that are required for the property to be habitable. You can call the Rental Disputes Settlement Centre if they do not make the necessary modifications. However, in other cases, the renters are required under the contract to perform maintenance work. In such circumstances, the property rent is on the low side. In certain circumstances, the renter and landlord agree that the former will do minor maintenance while the latter will handle substantial upkeep.

  • Right to Protest Against Property Changes

If a landlord makes improvements to a property that affect its livability, the tenant has the right to object. For example, if the new planned alteration restricts the usage of a certain component of the house/apartment, you can register an objection.

  • Property Decorating Rights

Every renter in Dubai is free to decorate the house anyway they see fit. They cannot, however, make any structural improvements to the property for this reason.

  • Right to a Refund of the Security Deposit

Renters in Dubai are obliged to provide security at the time of contract signing. If the home is unfurnished, it amounts to around 5% of the yearly rent. In the event of a furnished home, the landlord may request a security deposit of 10% of the annual rent. It should be noted that this money is refundable. As a result, as a tenant, you have the right to have it repaid once your lease term expires. It also comes under tenant rights to take legal action against their landlord if the security deposit is not refunded.

  • Right to Receive an Eviction Notice

To begin, according to Dubai tenant rights, the landlord must provide a sufficient cause for the renter to depart the property. They also have the option to be alerted. The landlord must provide them with a 12-month notice prior to the eviction date. If the contract is not renewed, a 90-day notice is sent. However, under some circumstances, the landlord may demand immediate eviction. This is the result of the tenant’s wrongdoing. For example, if the renter is discovered using the property illegally or subletting the property without the owner’s consent, an instant eviction might be ordered. Similarly, non-payment, structural alterations to the property, failure to comply with tenancy contract requirements, and so on are some of the reasons why the landlord may request that the tenant depart the property. It is critical that the notice be in writing. It should be sent registered mail or notarized. If the notice was delivered orally, the renter may refuse to evacuate the premises. If you feel you were unlawfully evicted from the property, you can file a complaint with the rent dispute committee against your landlord. Make sure to include any supporting documentation.

  • Contract Renewal Rights

Tenant rights in Dubai provide that the renter has the option to extend the lease contract if the landlord approves. Keep in mind that the landlord may raise the rent after the contract period has expired. However, as a renter, you may ensure that the rent is adjusted in accordance with the RERA’s rental ranges.

  • The Way Forward

While knowing your tenant rights might help you avoid difficult situations, recognizing your obligations as a renter is as important. So, learn about your responsibilities as a renter and make sure you fulfill them. This ensures that no unpleasant issues occur from either party, resulting in a smooth tenancy period.

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